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It's what we do.

Performance Hardware

Performance hardware improves the efficiency of your engine, enhances the power, and simultaneously pleases that inner speed-hungry appetite. If you have a craving for aftermarket upgrades, come to us. The hardware package we will design for you comes from the premier names in the industry so that your experience can be everything it should be.

Performance Software

Performance Software completes the driving experience, and in many cases eclipses the power gains of hardware significantly. But you need to make power safely. That is why we partner with only the best because they make power without sacrificing the health of your motor.


We are the consummate shop. We sell parts AND install them, and correctly. Our experience and knowledge with choosing the right products, coupled with the ability to install these products as the manufacturer specifies, allows us to not only recommend what is best for you, but also install it the best way possible.


From factory scheduled maintenance to specialty repairs and services, we have you covered.

Specialized Services

Where others generalize, we specialize. Specialty services like timing chain replacements, engine overhauls, manual transmission rebuilds, carbon cleanings, and forced induction packages are our expertise.  With decades of experience, a solid reputation, and a history of success stories, you can trust our service team to get the job done right.

Diagnostic Services

Do you have a Check Engine Light? An electrical issue? An irritating noise? We offer diagnostic services for European, Japanese, and exotic vehicles. We have some of the brightest technical minds, extensive experience, and thousands of dollars of diagnostic equipment to make sure your vehicle is diagnosed right, the first time.

Maintenance and Repair

You can expect the same great expertise, service, and quality with even the most basic of services and repairs. From factory recommended services to fluid exchanges to extensive factory trained repairs, Excelerate Performance has you covered. We are THE dealer alternative for all things European.


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