Justin Rogers

Sales and Service Manager

Justin started two years ago at Excelreate Performance as multi-role aficionado. Forum sales, service writing, and installations were his job description, so you never saw him standing still or if you did it wasn’t for long. For the past year and a half, he has been in the shoes as a full time mechanic.

Justin is very passionate about cars and is very interested in how things work which makes him so great at what he does. He spends the time to figure things out the right way and knows when to ask for help so tearing things down and putting them back together serve a dual purpose. Justin’s appreciation for cars came from his uncle who was into older Mercedes Benz’s and his Grandfather who shared the same mechanical values. With German cars always on his mind, Justin new he just had to have an Audi. But those who know Audi know the problems that come with them. Not being able to afford to pay someone to fix it, he took matters into his own hands.

When Justin isn’t busy working on Audi’s and Volkswagens and expanding his credit line on the Snap On truck, you can also find him flipping burgers on the grille or smoking a brisket…a foodie at heart.  Justin is also passionate about his music and bettering his life with experience. Justin can be seen around New Haven County in his E39 540i M sport or his highly sought after (1 of 133 imported) Audi 200 Quattro wagon. He is also known as the shop humorist… if you need horse sense or comeback in topic of conversation, you best bet your most prized possession that he has something in his bag of wit.

Most recently Justin was promoted and made his way back up to the office front from the shop. Justin is now the Sales and Service Manager so if you have technical questions, questions about products or services Justin can help you reach your destination!

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