2.0T TSI Rear Main Seal Solution




Do you own a 2.0T TSI powered VW or Audi? Have you had pesky oil leaks for what seems to be an eternity?  Than we have some seriously good news for you. With this good news comes great information, this information will help you find the right parts to make your repairs with. iAbed Industries has been engineering custom performance parts, complete fails safe solutions and much more for the VW and Audi market for years. Issam Abed, an engineering genius and a celebrity in the VW/Audi performance community, Issam is the Founder and Engineer of iAbed Industries. The 2.0T was a great advancement of the FSI engine, but Issam looks at engines from an engineering standpoint and how to make something good, great. Issam is well known for his innovation and persistence to further advance the reliability and overall longevity of modern VW/Audi engines. Whether you are looking to fix a problem that is wide spread or enhance performance you can expect the same thought, design, engineering, fit, finish and overall end result to be just about the same with every part.

Our leading example is what this article is about; The 2.0T TSI Engine and their highly widespread prone to failure rear main seal. If you own one of the vehicles you may have been through this a time or two. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky! The rear main seal does just as it says it does, It is the main lower oil seal at the back of the engine. This seal bolts to the rear cover and slides over the end of the crank to seal the engine from the transmission.

The factory stamped factory unit uses a flimsy and very thin rubber surface to seal around the crank and even when holding a new one in your hand, you wonder why this is something VW thought would be reliable long term. The iAbed Industries solution uses a billet machined plate that is bored to a larger diameter to make clearance for use of a Viton rubber seal that is more heat, fluid resistant, and more than double in thickness. In other words it makes you feel a whole lot more confident when installing the new part when removing the old. The crank is constantly spinning inside this seal too so over time as heat cycles are put through the engine, rubber will expand and contract and become brittle over time, especially when saturated with oil constantly.

The most common causes of rear main seal failure is failure of the PCV valve. The TSI engine is known to have PCV valve failures (go figure!), which will cause an excess of crank case pressure. This pressure will cause more pressure than the rear main seal can handle. PCV issues can surface with multiple symptoms but when a car doesn’t show signs of many of them we end up pressure testing the system to make sure the rear main seal wasn’t compromised. It is safe to say that if a car needs a rear main seal it needs a PCV valve (not always the case however)

How Can I fix this?

How Can I fix this? Do you do your own work? Awesome, you can purchase these rear main seal solution kits right off our website above. The transmission does need to be removed from the vehicle to service this part. If dropping a transmission in your driveway is something you liked to do when you were a kid but not so much anymore, we understand! For quoting or scheduling: E-Mail Our Service Department!Purchase One Online!