For many years Excelerate Performance sold whatever tire the customer wanted. But we realized that we needed to embrace a brand. So we pondered over what tire manufacturer to promote, support, use and recommend. After mounting and balancing several brands for years, analyzing quality, longevity, road force, durability and value, it was a no brainer who to choose: Michelin.

So why Michelin?

Michelin shares similar values to Excelerate Performance. Michelin’s main focus for producing the greatest product in the industry is to keep engineering, manufacturing, and production in house. By not outsourcing any cog in the gear of manufacturing pulley they maintain high levels of quality control and create a tire that is unsurpassed in performance.

We have also noticed in our research that there is very little government guideline and regulation on minimum requirements a tire has to meet in order to be deemed road eligible. Michelin decided to create their own set of guidelines. These guidelines have far higher standards than the average tire, which again contributes to a higher quality and more efficient production. Each and every tire is inspected thoroughly with the proper imaging equipment for structure and trueness. Not to be overlooked is the computerized and real world testing Michelin also conducts on their own personal test track.


So what does this all mean for you?

The thorough testing and exceptional manufacturing standards by Michelin aid in providing you with the best fuel economy, durability, performance, and highest safety measures on the market. Impressed? Great, lets add to it. Michelin is so confident in the tires they manufacture that they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy with your tires you can return them for the full purchase price of the tire within 30 days of purchase as long as you have the sales receipt (labor not included).

What’s the next step?

Buy Michelin tires through Excelerate Performance, please. Michelin has a tire for nearly every performance category to suit your needs and your vehicle.Call our specialists today to help determine the correct tire for you.

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