Are you a VW/Audi 2.0T TSI owner? Does your vehicle suffer from engine stalling, engine rattle upon cold or warm start, or possibly the feared Check Engine Light for misfires, camshaft or knock sensor codes? It may be that your timing chain tensioner has failed. How so? There is a known TSB on this piece in which earlier models were equipped with an inferior part from the factory. Excelerate Performance recommends replacing this as a preventative measure to the new updated unit because catastrophic failure is at large here. We also recommend replacing the timing chains at this time due to potential stretching of the chains and excessive wear on the other guides.


The cam bridge is piece of the engines oiling system that is responsible for providing oil lubrication to the camshafts. The cam bridge has a small orifice found inside a small round galley that has a check ball inside it. This ball acts a one-way check valve to control flow of oil pressure to the camshafts. The screen also acts as a filter and a placeholder so the check ball doesn’t fall out. The screen sometimes will even break or fall out and get lodged between the check ball and its seat which would lead to starving the cams of oil. Symptoms to this failure are similar to those of the camshaft tensioner, but you will also experience low fuel pressure codes in some cases.

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