IPE Exhaust Install on an E92 BMW M3

Follow along as the crew at Excelerate Performance installs an Innotech Performance Exhaust system on this Frozen Blue Limited Edition E92 BMW M3. This stainless steel valvetronic exhaust is controlled  electronically operated by a hand held remote using wireless technology. This wireless technology starts in the centralized control unit hardwired and stored inside the car. Our mechanics are so meticulous you couldn’t begin to look to find where this unit is hidden. This exhaust system is the definition of Mild – T0- Wild. With the electronic valve control you can tune the valves to open based on throttle position, this way you can cruise quietly but wake up the town in which you are driving through when you stab the accelerator. 

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IPE Exhaust E92 M3E92 BMW M3 IPE Exhaust

E92 M3 IPE

E92 BMW M3 IPE Exhaust