MK7 GTi Gets VWR’d Out…

The owner of this awesome Mk7 GTI came to Excelerate Performance for the next steps in his ultimate autocross class crusher dream!

To give this man the competitive edge, he insisted we install VWR springs, VWR100006 wheels while swapping over his well abused PSS tires to the new wheels for the remainder of the season! Topping the suspension work off was an alignment. Our mechanics also installed APR’s solid shifter bracket, VWR’s short shifter and 42 Draft Design shifter bushings to help keep the slop to a minimum while racing.

Excelerate Performance has the knowledge and abolites to make your wishes come truth and in a timely manor. This fellow will make the remaining races for the season and look great while doing so.

Good luck! For those who are itnerested in APR, VWR, or 42DD products, be sure to visit out website at and search for your model vehicle.

Take a look at our wheels and tire, and alignment gallery here to see a little more in depth of the work we do!