Go Fast Audi’s

Today was a special day here at Excelerate Performance. These two lucky owners arrived with vehicles in search of some insanity.

The R8 GT V10 received APR legendary software and the S5 received an AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust and APR Stage 1 Flash. Both of these icons from the 4 ring group are ready for some fun!

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Wait… There’s MORE!

its always confusing when you have two of the exact same vehicles in the shop… But lets start out with the first B7 S4 shown below. This red rocket came to Excelerate Performance because the factory ride height and handling of the stock shocks and springs covered all the categories for characteristics you DON’T want in a suspension. H&R coilovers were the right choice, matched with a set of SPC adjustable control arms to keep alignment in spec.

Stay tuned for the other B7 S4 below as we follow along engine removal and tear down process to do a timing chain service.