Several months ago, we had the opportunity to meet with a Managing Partner and the Director of Engineering for APR at SEMA 2014. We had several meetings with them over the course of that short week in Las Vegas and we were able to cover a lot of the past, present and future of APR and Excelerate Performance and how each of us fit into the growth of the other. We were excited to hear what they had to say about the past, to clarify what was going on in the present, and to provide direction as to where the future would be.

A couple months later, the owner of Excelerate Performance flew out to APR headquarters so that we could discuss in more depth much of what we had been discussing during and after SEMA. Upon arrival, we were able to sit down with the directors of almost every department, including sales, engineering (software, calibration, mechanical, etc), finance, operations, production, shipping and more. We were able to spend some time giving and receiving feedback. And then we were able to spend a significant amount of time with the directors to cover a lot of base as to what a distributor of APR should be, what APR is and will be, and how things would progress. What we found was an APR open to ideas, open to market feedback, open to discussion; in other words open-minded. We gained a lot of insight into APR operations, APR future projects, the APR team, culture and atmosphere, and the direction of APR as a whole. Needless to say, we were and are extremely excited and proud of what we heard and observed.


Fast forward to a few weeks ago and we were able to bring Excelerate Performance’s Sales, Marketing, and Service team down to good ole Opelika, Alabama for the 2015 Dealer Conference. Upon arrival our staff observed the positive and organized atmosphere, and a firm sense of alliance. APR had spent a considerable amount of time and resources to make everyone in attendance feel like they were part of the team. The weekend’s events included in-depth training, overviews of new products and sneak peaks at future products. We felt that this conference was the best one to date and it truly instilled in us a sense of motivation and trust. We couldn’t be more excited to continue building our relationship with the new and improved APR, and we look forward to many years of cooperation and performance partnership.

After the Conference, we were proud to receive this token of appreciation.


Excelerate Performance is proud and excited to be a true performance partner with APR, LLC. As this partnership has evolved and progressed throughout the years, we’ve been able to work closely with APR to increase market presence in the Northeast, adapt and help shape distributor requirements, heavily stock APR products, acquire extensive practical and technical knowledge, and ultimately service, educate and support our retail and wholesale customers.

So it is with profound gratitude that we accept the APR Domestic Dealer of the Year award. We thank the team at APR for their innovation, ingenuity, and determination, which has created high quality and high performing products that drive our growth.

Most importantly, we thank you all as our customers. Without our customers, both wholesale and retail, we would not be receiving this award. And this will serve to further motivate us to be the best we can be.


So if you’re looking for anything APR please reach out to us via email at [email][/email], via phone at 203-483-6100, or via PM.

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