It seems like the majority of the cars coming through Excelerate Performance lately have have something in common. They have 4.2L of displacement, 8 cylinders, and broken timing chain guides.  This car was very fortunate to be brought to us when it was. With both cold and warms start timing chain rattle, this S4 was on borrowed time.

s4enginepull s4screen


Now with the engine torn down, the rattle noise was narrowed down and was exactly what we diagnosed it to be. This guide was one of the worse we have seen lately. This guide was completely broken all the way through. This owner was very fortunate that this stayed together.  Its time to lay out the new parts and get this engine reassembled.


brokentensioner42assemblyTiming chain 2

All of the timing chain components are all reassembled. Now its time to start adding all of the engine’s accessories!

  Timing Chain 1Timing Chain Snake Timing Chain tensioner tool

The rear covers getting sealed up and put back onto the motor.

s4timing Timingcover1 timingcover2s4timingmarks4 assembly2

Final assembly is here! The engine is ready to go back into the car. Naturally, a set of JHM headers and intake manifold spacers while the engine was out. Why not right?

JHMheader s4compelte s4compelte2


Finally, its starting to look like a car again!


The Final Step: Building the Exhaust:

Utilizing JHM Headers and downpipes as a base to start fabricating,  our mechanic/fabricator’s initial idea was to weld the Magnaflow exhaust that was currently on the car to the new JHM pieces. Our mechanic opted to v-band the exhaust for ease of installation and removal, making things painless.



  exhaust7 exhaust6 exhaust1