What is a Timing Belt and why is it important?

What is a timing belt? The timing belt is crucial to proper engine operation; the timing belt maintains synchronization and control of the timing components. Components such as the crank(s), camshaft(s) and operation of the valves to allow the proper amount of intake air and exhaust gas flow. Why is replacing your timing belt useful? The timing belt is a rubber product and resides in a sensitive environment where it experiences extreme heat cycles. The extreme heat cycles and constant tension. The heat cycles and tension cause the rubber to dry out and stretch. If this happens it can be catastrophic and cause complete engine failure. It comes highly recommended that one follows factory recommended maintenance intervals because if you wait too long you may wind up in a bad situation with an even bigger problem. We consider this preventative maintenance, replacing parts because it’s a problem.

ContiTech Pro Plus Series Timing Belt Kit

Kit includes: Timing Belt, Tensioner Pulley, Idler Pulley (if applicable), Hydraulic Damper (if applicable), Water Pump and Gasket, Balance Shaft Seal (if applicable), Camshaft Seal

Comprehensive parts kit:

  • Hydraulic Damper – For applications requiring the use of a hydraulic damper, Pro Series timing kits contain an OE-quality unit ready to go. One less thing to slow you down.
  • Water Pump – An OE-quality water pump is included in all Pro Series timing kits, along with any necessary seals and gaskets. In selected cases, we even offer an option of metal or plastic impellers and a choice of housing or no housing.
  • Timing Belt – A durable OE-quality ContiTech timing belt is the heart of every Pro Series kit, and it’s covered by a written guarantee that matches the vehicle’s original service interval.
  • Idlers – All necessary idlers and pulleys for the belt path are included in Pro Series timing kits. OE-quality, of course.
  • Tensioner – A Pro-Series OE-Quality tensioner will keep the proper amount of tension on the timing belt system.
    • Cam & Balance Shaft Seals – The new Pro Series Plus kits add these critical seals to the already strong Pro Series parts list. (Recommended But Not Included – Additional Labor Also Required)

Features and Benefits:

  • OE-Quality timing belt kits complete with water pumps
  • Contain ContiTech timing belts
  • Hydraulic Damper where applicable
  • Cam & Balance Shaft Seals in the new Pro Series Plus kits
  • Covered by a lifetime guarantee, based on vehicle manufacturers’ recommended belt change interval – printed Guarantee Certificate included in every box

Why we recommend a Pro Series Timing Belt Kit.

ContiTech AG Limited Lifetime Warranty
Every ContiTech Pro Series Plus Kit comes with a lifetime guarantee based on the vehicle manufacturers’ recommended change interval for the belt. A Printed ContiTech Mileage Certificate is included in each kit.

Not only are you backed by manufacturer defects we chose these parts based off our first hand experience by using them on our own vehicles. This allowing us to faithfully recommend them to our customers.

ContiTech AG
ContiTech AG is a global manufacturer and an OE supplier of rubber and plastic components that include; drive belts, hoses and functional parts.

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  Some additional charges may apply for hardware and other supplies. 

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