Mod Monday!

Dang, we missed it by a day with a saved draft… We make our own rules though, Mod Tuesday it is! Excelerate Performance took liberty installing some goodies on customers cars. A MK1 Audi TT was in need of suspension love to close the wheel gap between the tires and fender. H&R coilovers were the weapon of choice, working hand in hand with a set of USP Motorsport adjustable control arms to keep alignment specs in check.

Next up: A Mk4 GTi 1.8T was in desperate need of a new exhaust system. With the factory unit rusting away and nearly falling off it was time to change it up. Milltek Supplied the catback exhaust system which was mated to an SPM downpipe. This car will be back for more upgrades to increase air flow, so stay tuned for updates.