MQB Audi S3 Blows its turbo

Ever wonder what your turbocharger looks like when it decides its had enough with life? Unfortunately this car has been plagued by a manufacturer defect where IHI Turbocharger (manufacturer) had released turbochargers without proper torque spec of the nut on the turbine shaft. Mixing 30-,000+ RPM speed of the turbine and a nut not torqued properly.. can you say ” recipe for disaster”?

A lot of our customers come to Excelerate Performance with questions about whether or not tuning their car is safe or not.  The answer is a tough one to answer. There really is no absolute truth or answer to this type of question. Reason being  is that mechanical items fail, its nature and physics. Most parts are built to operate around certain threshold so there is always going to be that risk of failure.

But cars such as this 2015+ Audi S3/Golf R come equipped with an IHI Manufactured turbocharger. Certain revisions of this unit in particular are known to fail. To determine this the serial number of the turbocharger will note which revision it is. Tuning may speed up that process, but well engineered and tested software upgrades have proven to be very safe when the vehicle is tuned and operating properly.

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