Porsche 993 Time Capsule

The last of the air cooled Porsche, many people are convinced that this is the last year of the 911 that actually had soul. Do you agree? This time capsule has been well used, driven like intended like any purist would do. This car came in for a general service, including an oil and filter service, some new wiper blades and some out light bulbs. Just because Performance is in our blood and perhaps our name, but we like to get down to basics and maintain these things just as much as we like making things fast or look pretty. Have a Porsche? Need the car serviced or repaired?  Excelerate Performance in Branford, CT has the knowledge, skill and resources to make sure your bundle of joy is serviced or repaired by an immensely dedicated and detail oriented staff. Leave your car knowing that you’re in good hands.