S4 With The Blues Gets A Makeover…

This B6 S4 came to Excelerate Performance with a whole mess of issues that were causing poor performance, smoke at startup and small drive ability issues hit or miss. Every 4.2 owner knows pulling the engine out is only a matter of time.

After performing some necessary diagnostic procedures and  tests the story was short, the engine was pulled and the heads were removed to be sent to the machine shop to be checked. Our mechanics upon diagnosis had thoughts of possible valve seal and guide issues. This diagnostics proved to be correct and the heads were rebuilt and returned to us to be installed. During this down time the customer also requested that some parts be sent out for powder coating. After the top end was re-assembled it was time to put the rest of the motor together utilizing all factory OEM Audi parts. We also take advantage of using JHM’s cam chain adjusters. While the engine was out, the customer also opted to install JHM’s headers and downpipes (ceramic coated) to mate with the new JHM/Fast Intentions non resonated exhaust system.

With the car completely assembled it was time to iron out the final touches before taking its long awaited maiden voyage with a practically new heart.

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