A new customer of ours bought this car sight unseen and had it shipped directly to Excelerate Performance for some go fast goodies. Now as if any AMG Mercedes isn’t crazy enough how about 700hp in a wagon!? Its safe to say this is going to be one of fastest and craziest family haulers to hit the streets in the Northeast. With a final number in the 700hp range pumped out by this 5.5L V8 Bi Turbo M157 Engine,  most likely you will be seeing the taillights of this thing on the way to the bus stop to pick up the kids.


Below is a screen shot of the in-process bench flash of the ECU. With the software and exhaust components matched with the High Flow Induction kit from Weistec Engineering and the throttle response on this car is instant.


With the factory catted and resonated down pipes and heat shields removed, our mechanic has gained access to the turbo outlet pipes, or as MB calls them “bridge pipes”. You can see how restrictive these are and pancaked in some area. These factory pieces are a severe hindrance on power that this car is capable of producing. The Kleemann bridge pipes and cat-less downpipes are worthy of 70hp in their own respect by opening up the exhaust path far more efficiently using larger diameter, mandrel bent, stainless steel piping. This in turn reduces back pressure drastically to where it will actually increase spool up of the turbochargers and allow them to operate effortlessly when in comparison to stock.


These downpipes not only fit perfectly, but they look awesome too. With only minor cuts to the factory heat shields, these down pipes mated up to the factory AMG exhaust like it was indeed, factory.


Once the rear differential was removed from the car it is ready to get to work. Here our mechanic pulls off all of the re-usable items off the factory differential.


With all the parts laid out on the table, its time to assemble the Kleemann/Quaife LSD into the differential housing. With the differential back in the car, our mechanic makes sure his alignment markings line up on the differential and drive shaft. It is common practice to verify that both these components are in the same position as they were before.

   AMGWAYdiff4AMGWAGdiff3AMGWAGdiff2    AMGWAGfin

RW Carbon supplied the remaining pieces. The factory caps, signals and glass removed from the mirror assembly to make sure the new carbon caps fit properly. With minor filing the turn signals fit back into place like stock and looks great. The Motorsport inspired rear diffuser looks right at home on the rear bumper of this family wagon, in true AMG-Fashion.