The 02M transmission is most commonly found in the 2002-2005 VW Jetta GLI, GTI, and Audi TT vehicles. Like most of our tech articles, the meaning behind each one typically has a history and explanation behind it. Unfortunately they typically involve some sort of warning notation. We don’t do any of this to scare you, we do this because we love what we do and we want each and every VW/Audi owner to be aware of issues these cars have so they can be fixed before its too late.  If you own one of these noted vehicles you may be unfortunate enough to know where this article is going.

This 6 speed manual transmission was the first of its kind to use a new input shaft design. Traditional input shaft bearings utilize a tapered bearing, where there is a limit of movement in the input shaft. The 02m utilizes a linear bearing on the input shaft.  Being that this is a linear bearing, and has the same inner diameter through and through, the outer input shaft bearing has no stop to keep it from walking, this allows the shaft to literally move in and out in the case. This bearing is not supposed to move like that. This could only mean one thing, the bearing allows the input shaft to move with it. As this bearing and shaft move together, it wears through the malleable cast aluminum transmission case. Doesn’t sound too bad? Keep on reading!

Ever get a whining noise under deceleration? That whine isn’t just cold fluid, that is the facing gears touching the other gear sets internally. It is literally wearing away at the gears that make the transmission mechanically operable. This is exactly what happened in the event we are showcasing.  In this catastrophic occurrence, the case was not rebuild-able and a new transmission was needed with a new casing and all new gear sets.


We can fix this issue before it gets worse, and it will. This is not a case of “If”, its “when”.

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