Transmissions, An Inside Job: Transmissions are fascinating to any true gear head (see what we did there!?). This CC has been plagued with odd shifting issues from the day it left the dealership. Excelerate Performance has allowed this owner to see the light at the end of the tunnel by diagnosing the initial problem and fixing it properly. This O2Q 6-speed manual  transmission suffered from an assembly gone wrong at the factory and a new low mileage transmission was sourced to build from since the original unit was unusable in current state. The final product was born, with all new seals and bearings and few aftermarket goodies such a Peloquin LSD, 42 Draft Designs shifter bushings and re-using the stage 3 clutch kit that was previously installed. This transmission is not full capable to handle the go fast power this modified 2.0T is putting down.

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