This page is dedicated to videos of builds we have completed.

Built Tial 770 B5 S4

This B5 S4 was a build we were working on for close to a year. The build changed directions a few times through the process but while we were waiting on parts we ended up with a final plan. We used a BEL block from a 04-05 Audi Allroad since it has a thicker block casting, a 3.0L crank from an Audi 30v 3.0 V6 to turn this 2.7T into a 3.0L Stroker engine capable of handling the 3.0L’s torque bump in the low end through the mid range. The recipe consists of custom Mahle pistons, Integrated engineering rifle drilled rods, all new Calico coated bearings, ARP head studs and main studs, Tial 770 turbos, EPL (European Performance Labs) fueling kit and dyno tuning, a slew of custom fabricated parts, Built JHM Transmission, Spec twin disc clutch, a ton of 034 Motorsport goodies and more!

APR Supercharged Audi R8

This story was fairly bittersweet. This R8 customer came to us because APR discontinued their supercharger kit and he desperately wanted one. We didn’t have any left in stock, but we had one on our Project XL.R8. After some thinking, we devised a plan. Josh had been toying around the idea of twin turbo’ing the R8 and now was his chance. The Client offered to buy the kit off our car and the rest was history.


This page will be updated in the future to update information and add services specific to BMW. If you would like to see something added or have ideas, we would like to hear from you.

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